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Town Hall
Town Hall
This used to be the market street of the imperial city with imposing patrician houses, refurbished in the 17th to 20th century on late medieval bases:
No. 2, London Court featuring the most beautiful Rococo-façade of the historic city, 1764.
No. 3 is the Ancient Customs Office with an interior decorated with gothic wall paintings. Today it serves as the city’s archive building.
No. 5, the House of the Neubronner family shows a late baroque façade from 1796. Today it serves as the city’s archive building.
No. 10, House of the Ponicka family is a patrician house built by joining two older houses in the same place, façade, baroque staircase and festival hall added in 1740.

The Rathaus (Town Hall) itself was built in 1368 as half-timbered warehouse for corn including a council hall, re-built in stone in 1474, latest refurbishment in 1987.

The fountain in front of the town hall: original fountain column dating back to 1601, on the square is a copy of it from 1993.

Short detour to Vogtstrasse (Abbot’s Street) and Sigmund-Ullmann-Square with the so-called Müßiggengelzunfthaus, a former hall in which craftsmen off-duty to spend their leisure time, featuring a renaissance façade and adorned portal from 1600.

Town Hall Square
Town Hall Square