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Getting around

In inner-city traffic a 4-lane ring road ("Mittlerer Ring") provides easy access of all city districts for individual traffic. Moreover, 29 bus lines of the city and regional transport services ensure optimal access of the city and the surrounding region by Public Transport.

ZUM (central changing point for regional and city bus lines):
phone: +49 831 522880
e-mail: infoE-Mail at
office hours: Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday 9 to 12 a.m.

Taxi Services:
Taxi-Funk Zentrale: 
phone: +49 831 25552, or +49 831 25555, or +49 831 23333, or +49 831 19410
Taxi-Ruf Zentrale:  
phone: +49 831 77777
Taxi Meisburger:   
phone: +49 831 8510570

Taxi Ranks in Kempten:  
Auf’m Plätzle-square (north side of Lyzeum-building)
Bahnhofstrasse 12 – 18
Main Railway Station
Hildegardplatz-square (in front of Restaurant "Zum Stift")
Kaufbeurer Strasse/St. Mang Bridge
Hospital in Robert-Weixler-Strasse
Residenzplatz-square (in front of "men`s wear-shop")

Town map with car parks 

ZUM Kempten (central bus station)