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The most important numbers for emergency cases:

Police / Emergency 110
Fire Brigade / Central Rescue Service 112
Medical Service 0180 5 191212
Medical Service (dentist) on weekend and holiday:

Please give the following information to help us provide quick and effective help in an emergency:

WHO is calling? Name and location

WHERE did it happen? Exact denomination of the location of the emergency: place, street, house number, floor number, etc.

WHAT has happened? Short description of the situation. The staff on the emergency phone must be able to judge what kind of rescue operation should be started (rescue helicopter, fire brigade, etc.)

HOW MANY? How many persons are injured. This information is important to decide how many vehicles and staff to send.

WHAT KIND OF injuries or symptoms do the persons in emergency have? This information is important to decide which specialists (e.g. doctor on emergency call) and which vehicles to send.

QUESTIONS: Do not finish the call unless advised by the central rescue service to do so. They might have additional questions!

The pharmacy on duty is changing daily. Pharmacy duty starts at 8 a.m. and terminates at 8 a.m. of the following day. If you want to know which pharmacy is on duty today, follow one of the links.

Pastoral care: phone no. 0800 1110111 or 0800 1110222

Phone service for children and youths: 0800 1110333

Central service for Emergencies caused by poisoning: 089 19240

Blocking Emergency: 116 116
The blocking emergency is a nationwide free emergency telephone-number. You can block per example ec-/Maestro cards and credit-cards. More information: or

Fault-clearing service:

Gas: 0800 1828384
Electricity: 0800 2521-222
Water: 0831 57111-0 or after official hours: 0831 57111-23/-24



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