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Discover Kempten

Leaflet "Enjoy Kempten with town map": a walk through history and culture

This leaflet will provide an overview of Kempten’s attractions and what the town has to offer for tourists. You can take a walk through Kempten’s history and culture by following a designated route marked in the map of the town centre. Giving short descriptions of the Archaelogical Park Cambodunum (APC), the Kempten Museums’ Mile comprising the Allgäu-Museum and the Museums in the Marstall, as well as the Rooms of State in the Prince Abbots’ Residence, the leaflet animates you to visit these attractions. Event highlights such as the Jazz spring festival, the APC summer, the Allgäu Festival Week and the Christmas Market are introduced, and so is the theme spa "CamboMare" and life in general in Kempten.

Leaflet: Enjoy Kempten